Smart Gritting

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Your Challenge

Through gritting you keep your roads safe during winter times. However, gritting is expensive and the application of road salt has negative environmental impacts. Temperatures are higher in built-up areas and main roads, and bridges and overpasses are more prone to freezing. When you have more measurements points in your road network you can optimise your gritting operations. Reducing your environmental impact and freeing up budget for other priorities.

Our Solution

StreetSense is an extension to your winter conditions monitoring system. Its design limits installation and operational costs to a minimum. Allowing you to have 40 measurement points for the price of one conventional winter conditions monitoring system.

StreetSense measures the road deck temperature at two depths and the electrical conductivity (EC) of the road surface. This will tell you when the road surface is dry, moist or wet, and indicate the presence of road salt.

Each StreetSense pod records the road condition every 10 minutes, and relay the data to our cloud service. All your live and historic road data are conveniently presented in a web dashboard. You can export the historic data, and ingest live data into your existing IT systems using our API.

Your Benefits

  • Insight - live road data for many more locations
  • Full service - no hassle
  • Secure - proven, safe solution
  • Economic - small monthly fee
  • All-in - fixed fee, no hidden costs
  • In charge - you own the data


Proven Solution

StreetSense devices are subjected to extreme conditions tests in a climate chamber. The sensor pods have survived blistering heat waves and freezing winter periods in operational conditions without a single device failure.

The road data were successfully benchmarked against data from a high-end conventional winter condition monitoring system under varying environmental conditions. The tests proved the StreetSense road data provide valuable additional insights in the distribution of road surface temperatures and road surface conditions in the road network.

Want to learn more on how StreetSense does this? Check out the StreetSense product page.


We provide StreetSense as a service. For a fixed monthly fee we take care of installation and maintenance of your StreetSense devices. The only thing you need to do is put the incredibly rich StreetSense data to use!

Reseller Proposition

You can purchase StreetSense devices and install and operate your own StreetSense sensor network.

Check out all the perks we offer to our reseller network here.

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